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Apartment 407 2016

Apartment 407

6.10 HD 2016 124 min
Loosely based on a true story that happened in London, England back in 2005, 'Apartment 407' is the harrowing true story about Isobel, a fitness instructor living in Los Angeles with a husband and young child who one day meets a seemingly charming man, named Peter, at a local restaurant who invites her for a modeling job interview. Agenst her better judgment, Isobel goes to the location of a seedy apartment building in downtown L.A. and before long is abducted, drugged and held captive in a room by Peter and his unseen associates who sell her as a sex slave of various high-paying clients. For three days and two nights Isobel endures physical and mental torture in the forms of rape, drugs, and other humiliations before she conjures up a plan to escape in order to save her own life.
6.3 of 21