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Baby, It's Cold Inside 2021

Baby, It's Cold Inside

6.30 HD 2021 na min
Hannah Fisher is the top selling agent with Tropical Beach Travel. This job is one step away from her dream career of managing a hotel, preferably in some tropical locale as a sun lover, however that dream seemingly just a pipe one as a flood at a small hotel she was previously managing in New York may have not only permanently put a stain on her resume, but doubts in her own mind as to her abilities to run a hotel. She may forever be moving even farther away from that dream when at the last minute, her boss Erin assigns her to a fam at the ice hotel in the company's move to open a winter destination division, Frosty Forays, Hannah in line to manage that division despite she having no interest in snow and ice getaways. This assignment is also in place of a long planned tropical cruise with her parents, her long time best friend Phoebe Price, and Phoebe's parents, Phoebe, needing a getaway to escape the memory of a recent breakup with her boyfriend Shawn, deciding to accompany Hannah instead of going on the cruise. Hannah changes her mind about winter getaways upon arrival at the ice hotel and the magic that surrounds it, which is only helped by meeting the hotel owner/designer, Ben Wade. In she being the cause of one accident after another, Hannah gets involved in behind the scenes aspects of the hotel in trying to fix those problems she created, which quietly does not sit well with the hotel manager Bridgette, who can not only see that Ben views Hannah as a potential candidate to run his next ice hotel in Finland - a position Bridgette herself wants - in she able creatively to problem solve, but that the two are falling for each other. Beyond Bridgette equally trying to sow further seeds of doubt in Hannah's mind, what happens between Hannah and Ben both professionally and personally is affected by their encounter with a fellow guest at the hotel, "Robert Greene", who was also at the hotel for ulterior professional motives.
8.5 of 27