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De surprise 2015

De surprise

6.70 HD 2015 102 min
Multimillionaire Jacob is seen with his dying mother, asking him whether he feels any emotion. He doesn't. Later it is revealed he changed into this state at the age of four, when his father disappeared. He sees no future. At his mother's funeral a pushy lawyer wants him to confirm he will sell the estate, which he does. Next, Jacob tries to end it all in various ways but does not succeed. At one of his attempts he picks up the address of a mysterious organization that helps people to end their life. Having decided to pay them for a surprise ending, he meets a sweet and shy girl in the room where the casks are displayed. She say she also wants to end her loveless life. They fall in love, but find out there is no postponing the trip to a better world. After they escape various attempts at their lives, the plot really starts rolling (contrary to the short story by Dutch writer H.J. Schönfeld (Belcampo) the film is based on). A lot of unexpected things happen and masterful plot twists keep you tied to your chair for the next half hour. Superb direction, superb acting by Dutch, Belgian and Indian(!) actors, superb scene settings, superb camera-work, superb scenario.
6.3 of 30