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Godzilla vs. Kong 2021

Godzilla vs. Kong

6.40 HD 2021 113 min
Mighty Godzilla, who hasn't been seen since the grand battle with his three-headed arch-enemy, King Ghidorah, in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), re-emerges, destroying everything in its path. As yesterday's saviours become a menace to the world, Monarch anthropological linguist, Dr Ilene Andrews, and her gifted adopted daughter, Jia, sense that a dormant, centuries-old conflict is about to be re-established. Now, two monstrous alpha Titans engage in the ultimate fight for dominance, and once again, humans are caught in the middle. But Kong bows to no one, and Godzilla is an unstoppable freak of nature. Who shall live and who shall die in the brutal clash of the Titans?
7.8 of 7199