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London 2005


6.50 SD 2005 92 min
New York City. Syd has not seen or heard of his ex-girlfriend London in two months when he learns that her friend Rebecca is throwing her a farewell party at her parents' upscale spacious condo as London is moving to Los Angeles tomorrow to be with her new boyfriend. Syd, still obsessed with London, decides to crash the party, and brings along Bateman, who he has just met, the two who have a common drug dealer and Bateman who is looking for a clean place to do their large stash of blow. Syd's appearance does not sit well with Rebecca who wants to protect her friend from who she considers her crazy ex. Before London's arrival, Syd and Bateman spend much of the party in the large upstairs bathroom - it the size of most apartments - to do their blow along with whoever else may show up in the bathroom. Syd is trying to get up the nerve to go out and face London, which becomes more and more difficult as time goes on if only because of not wanting to face her without a clear head. In the process, Syd, Bateman and their parade of guests in the bathroom talk about sex, love, philosophy, karma, and other broad life topics while certain talking points make Syd reflect on his two years with London. Even if he does get up the nerve to face London to tell her how he really feels, will it lead to London changing her mind about moving and will it bring London back into his life?
7.1 of 47