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Make Mine Music 1946

Make Mine Music

6.30 HDRip 1946 75 min
Original segments: "The Martins and the Coys"- Ted Weems and band provide the music while the King's Men sing about feuding mountaineers; "Blue Bayou"- a tone poem, reflecting the mystery and brilliance of a bayou scene, sung by the Ken Darby chorus; "All the Cats Join In"- animated bobby-soxers cutting a rug to the music of Benny Goodman and his Orchestra; "Without You"- a blues number by Ray Gilbert with Andy Russell on the vocals; "Casey at the Bat"- riotous slapstick with Jerry Colonna reciting Ernest Lawrence Thayer's famous baseball poem; "Two Silhouettes"- music by Charles Walcott and Ray Gilbert, sung by Dinah Shore as Riabouchinska & Lichine dance amidst a lyrical background; "Peter and the Wolf"- Sterling Holloway narrates the orchestral fable by Prokofieff; "After You're Gone"- a musical interpretation by the Benny Goodman Quartete supported visually by animation; "Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluegown"- a musical fantasy, sung by the Andrews Sisters, by Ray Gilbert and Allie Wrubel about male and female hats (a fedora and a bonnet) that fall in love; "The Whale Who Wanted To Sing at the Met"- Nelson Eddy provides the singing. FYI to the source that seems to think this was released in the USA as Unrated. Wrong. Disney did not release Unrated films in the 1940's. Check out "General Audience" classification under PCA No. 10562.
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