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Sammy and Co: Turtle Reef 2016

Sammy and Co: Turtle Reef

0.00 HDRip 2016 90 min
<p></p><p></p><p>Join Sammy, Shelly, Ricky, and Ella on a turtlely awesome adventure, filled with laughs, mystery, and daring rescues. The turtle family and their underwater friends live in an aquatic village where natural elements protect them from intruders. Ricky dreams of leaving the safety of the reef in search of adventure. But nobody takes him seriously - he's still so young! Upset, Ricky leaves the reef, determined to prove everyone wrong. His friends panic, but Sammy hatches a clever plan to make Ricky see for himself that he's not yet ready to face the perils of the ocean on his own.</p>
7.7 of 48