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Snowed-Inn Christmas 2017

Snowed-Inn Christmas

7.30 HD 2017 86 min
Beyond both being journalists for Epiphany, a New York based online magazine, Jenna Hudson and Kevin Jenner are like night and day and thus do not get along, Jenna who is organized and detailed but uptight, while Kevin is fly by the seat of his pants. Beyond the professional prestige and the perk of spending the holidays at a luxury chalet, they both want the assignment of covering Aspen at Christmas to avoid having a personal Christmas. Kevin has not connected with his family for the holidays ever since his father unexpectedly died three years ago. And Jenna was supposed to spend this Christmas meeting her fiancé Andrew's parents, that is until Andrew broke up with her one month ago, she who has not yet gotten over what this Christmas with Andrew and his family would have meant in her life. Their editor, Simone Jenkins, assigns them both to work on the Aspen piece, from whatever angle they each want, she being up front that due to the need to downsize, pending a Christmas miracle, that only the one whose Christmas story gets more hits will have a job with the magazine come January. Both their Christmases hit a snag when their Aspen-bound flight one week before the big day - 9am Christmas morning when they must file their stories - is forced to land in Indiana due to bad weather, more specifically in a town called Santa Claus. Due to the holidays, the only place they can find that has accommodations is the Winters Inn, owned by elderly couple Christopher and Carol Winters, the inn more quaint than luxurious, and quaint in a totally Christmas way, including Chris and Carol embodying the spirit of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, nicknaming their antique car Rudolph, and their story that the inn was founded by St. Nick himself. This Christmas, however, will be Chris and Carol's last at the inn, also pending a Christmas miracle, due to not getting the building's heritage designation, leading to it being ripe for the redevelopers. Because everything about their new Indiana situation screams Christmas, Simone reassigns them to write about Christmas in Santa Claus, Indiana, instead, much to their chagrin. In the process of spending time snowed-in in Indiana together, and writing their articles - Jenna's which tries to save the inn, which entails in part proving that Chris and Carol's story about the inn being founded by St. Nick is true - they may both discover the true Christmas spirit missing from their lives, in turn leading to those much needed miracles. But their careers being on the line may trump all else and threaten that merry Christmas.
6.3 of 137