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The Curse of Frankenstein 1957

The Curse of Frankenstein

7.10 HDRip 1957 82 min
After all his family has died, young and rich Baron Victor Frankenstein finds himself a teacher, Paul Krempe. Over the years, their relationship switches from teacher-pupil to research colleagues. Their specific interest lies in life itself. After resurrecting a dead puppy, Paul Krempe sees the monstrosity of their experiments and decides to quit working on those projects. But as Elizabeth, Victor's Cousin arrives to marry him, Paul stays in the house to protect her. Victor gets more and more obsessed with his work and starts building a man who is supposed to be a superior being. He even kills to get a proper brain. After a little accident the brain gets damaged, and when the creature is resurrected, it does not behave in a superior manner. In the course of events, Victor has chambermaid Justine killed by his creature. This is the sign for Paul Krempe to stop Victor's madness. He has to turn against his old student and friend.
8.4 of 28