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The Flight of Dragons 1982

The Flight of Dragons

7.70 SD 1982 95 min
Faced with the inevitable replacement of magic by science, the magician Carolinus summons his 3 brothers (all magicians) to pitch a wild plan. The creation of a realm of magic to exist separate and apart from the world of man, where all things magical can be protected. 2 of Carolinus' brothers buy into the plan and offer their assistance. However one brother Ommadon rebels refusing to join this retirement village. Ommadon has another plan in mind, he wants to take the fight directly to man hoping to use their science against them. Prevented from direct interference, the 3 brothers arrange a quest to defeat Ommadon. A quest championed by a local knight Sir Orin Neville Smythe, the dragons Gorbash and Smrgol, and a yet unknown leader who must be a man of science. Calling out to antiquity, Carolinus locates Peter Dickenson, a modern day man of science and manages to convince him to join and lead the quest. However, a spell gone awry creates additional challenges for Peter, huge ones for that matter. What ensues is a wondrous adventure full of interesting characters, challenges, and perils that will cumulate in a face off between Peter and Ommadon. This story combines the literary works of Gordon R. Dickson's "The Dragon and the George" for core characters and themes, Peter Dickinson's "The Flight of Dragons" for the design of dragons and mechanics of dragon flight, and writer Romeo Muller who brings in the science verses magic angle as well as the romantic sub-plot.
8.5 of 11