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The Last Shaman 2016

The Last Shaman

6.60 HD 2016 77 min
James is an all American boy who lives an all American life with a promising future ahead of him except for the fact that James has a disease, he suffers from clinical depression. Due to the fact that his own society could not answer his questions nor solve his problems James has no choice but to save his own life, one day while hospitalized in a mental institute James comes across an article in the national geographic about the shamans of Peru and there way of healing all kind of diseases including clinical depression through the use of Ayahuasca. He travels to the Amazon rain forest with one mission at hand, saving his life, James most abandon all he knows, adapted himself to a new couture which he practically knows nothing of while searching for a shaman who can help him save his life, along his journey James will need to overcome different challenges on his road towards finding redemption and at the same time face the consequences of his actions.
5.6 of 7