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The Machine 2013

The Machine

6.10 HD 2013 91 min
In a near future, with China at war against the West, the UK government develops war machines to fight against them. Scientist Vincent works in a military base developing artificial intelligence for the Ministry of Defense, using soldiers near death in his experiments; however, his true intention is to find a cure to his daughter Mary that has Rett Syndrome. When Vincent meets scientist Ava who has developed an advanced AI, he invites her to work with him for the Defense Department; however, Ava's snoop around the base prompts Chief of Research Thomson into simulating a Chinese attempt to kill her. Vincent decides to use Ava's face and shape to build an indestructible AI Machine. Soon he discovers the Machine developing feelings and growing up as a human being. When Mary gets worse and has to be submitted to surgery, Vincent learns that the Machine has life and is in love with him, but Thomson wants to transform her in a killing machine for the military.
7.5 of 69