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The Man Who Sued God 2001

The Man Who Sued God

6.50 HD 2001 97 min
Advocate Steve Myers (Sir Billy Connolly) is disillusioned with the lies and deception he experiences in court and decides to quit. He invests money in a small yacht and goes off sailing. Then one day he wakes up to find his yacht has been struck by lightning and totalled. He informs his insurance company, who review and then subsequently decline his claim on the grounds that they are not liable, as his yacht was destroyed due to an "act of God". With no money to finance another yacht, Steve dramatically files a claim against God, naming the Pope and the local Bishop as representatives of God, and thereby the respondents. The Pope, the Bishop, their respective lawyers, as well as their insurance company, get together to find a way to settle this dilemma, which does catch the fancy of the media. It is in court that God's representatives will have to admit that Steve's yacht was actually His Act, accept it, and compensate him, or deny it altogether, and thereby deny His existence, and leave the onus on Steve to prove his claim.
7.3 of 24