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The Revenant 2015

The Revenant

8.00 HD 2015 156 min
In the untamed and unforgiving wilderness of mid-winter snow-capped Missouri, the experienced nineteenth-century tracker, Hugh Glass, and his son, Hawk, lead a hunting and trapping expedition in the uncharted territory of the fierce Indian tribe, Arikara. As the party of trappers struggle to navigate back to the distant Fort Kiowa, a swift and devastating attack by a formidable grizzly bear leaves a brutally mauled Glass on the brink of death, double-crossed and abandoned by his men. Now, only Hugh's rabid desire to live can help him survive the piercing cold and the grave dangers in one of the world's most inhospitable environments, giving him the strength to drag his unrecognisable carcass and exact his revenge. However, will the man who has returned from the dead taste the ambrosial fruit of retribution?
7.3 of 3518