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The Witches 2020

The Witches

5.30 HD 2020 106 min
It may come as a surprise; but, witches are real. They live among us, disguised as ordinary humans, and they feed off fear. Now, whether he likes it or not, an innocent orphaned boy is about to discover the shocking truth behind the demonic creatures, shortly after relocating to late 1960 Demopolis, Alabama, to live with his kind grandmother. And before long, a hair-raising encounter with the supernatural jolts grandma into action, forcing her to take her boy to a luxurious seaside hotel far away from home to protect him. Unfortunately, the otherwise impeccable resort is rife with danger, as a secret coven of fashionable witches is holding its annual conference in plain sight. It seems that their mighty leader, the scheming Grand High Witch of All the World, has hatched a plan, and no one is safe--especially children. Can they escape from their clutches? Will they give the evil witches a dose of their own medicine?
7.0 of 595