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This Is The End 2013

This Is The End

6.60 HD 2013 107 min
James Franco is hosting a mega house warming party in his newly built modern Los Angeles mansion. Seth Rogen, an invitee, convinces his reluctant friend Jay Baruchel, visiting from Canada and who is staying with Seth as he always does when he's in town, to go to the party with him, Jay's reluctance due to not really knowing or therefore feeling comfortable with James and his friends, and he believing James and his friends feeling the same about him. Jay's uncomfortableness at the party is overtaken when he and Seth witness something otherworldly. James and the other party guests believe what happened was a mere earthquake - a common enough occurrence in southern California - which Jay is willing to admit is not what this event was despite appearing even more of an outsider to the group, that is until a more apocalyptic event hits the area around the house leading to mass fatalities, with the survivors surmising that what is happening is in the realm of a zombie apocalypse or the actual rapture itself. A few of the survivors take refuge in James' house which may or may not protect them from what is happening in the outside world. As they try to survive, the issue of self-preservation may kick in, especially as it applies to food and water, and whether to provide refuge to anyone else on the outside trying to get in. But as inner thoughts of possibly not surviving what is happening may come to front of mind, true thoughts of what this small group of celebrities think about each other may also come to light.
6.9 of 1052