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Upside Down 2012

Upside Down

6.40 HD 2012 109 min
In a unique solar system that possesses double gravity, the two planets in the system coexist as one on top of the other. Life on one is seen as being upside down to the other, although what is considered the upper world more privileged, and the lower more disadvantaged. The gravity that exists on one is specific to all matter on that planet, meaning that any matter on one could not exist on the other, it which would just float away within that atmosphere. Inverse matter exists which would be able to provide that gravity specific to the other planet, however it is unstable in lasting only an hour or so before it burns off. The only official contact allowed between the two worlds is by and through Transworld, a company created in the upper world to rape the lower world of its resources for sale back to the lower world at inflated prices. They also police any unauthorized interaction between the two worlds. It is within this situation that Adam Kirk from the lower world, and Eden Moore from the upper world exist, they who met as children at the highest points on their respective planets and fell in love as teenagers. They defied the law and gravity to be together. Adam attributes all his problems to Transworld in the literal and figurative death of his family, and Eden falling to her death in the authorities discovering their unauthorized time together. It's now ten years after that latter incident when Adam sees Eden on a television broadcast, she an employee of Transworld. Still in love with her, Adam believes the only way to reconnect with her is to get a job with Transworld which at least allows some transaction between employees of the two worlds. He is able to get that job as he has been working on an anti-gravity beauty cream, using the family secret of pink bee pollen which is unique to those two mountains where the pink bees gather pollen from both worlds. What Adam is unaware of is that Eden suffers from amnesia from a concussion that fateful day ten years ago which led to her losing memory of anything before that day, including Adam. With the willing and unwitting help of Bob Boruchowitz, his upper world colleague at Transworld, Adam tries to prove his and Eden's love can overcome all the obstacles facing their reunion and union.
6.8 of 191