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Vivre Sa Vie 1962

Vivre Sa Vie

8.00 HD 1962 85 min
Adrift in bustling, early 1960s Paris, Nana, a photogenic aspiring starlet and bored but effortlessly charming record shop assistant in her early twenties, is striving for a better sense of connection in her life; however, she is still feeling lost. Determined to do some soul-searching and live an independent life, beautiful Nana's uneventful existence unfolds in twelve eloquent vignettes, including an emotionally charged viewing of Maria Falconetti's La passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928), and a profound contemplation on language and self-transcendence from the French philosopher, Brice Parain. But impecunious Nana seems trapped by fate, and after a chance encounter with the amoral, silver-tongued procurer, Raoul, she finds herself slowly slipping into prostitution. Then, love walks into her life, and now, disenchanted Nana wants out, even though she knows that Raoul will not take this situation lying down. But Nana has made her final decision. After all, it is her life to live.
5.7 of 33