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Without Grace 2021

Without Grace

5.00 HD 2021 113 min
Based on a true story, Lucas (Shannon Brown) is an average, everyday guy that pretty much has everything he ever wanted. He has a good job, a great group of friends, strong faith and a wonderful relationship with the girl of his dreams. An unexpected tragedy changes everything and rocks him to his core to the point that he actually questions his once strong faith. His outlandish friends, including Chase (Marc Edwards) a level headed, wise and even keeled steady rock for Lucas, Mason (Jimmie Tolliver) a hedonistic, atheist with a good heart but typically bad ideas, Brooklyn (Hilary Anderson) the sweet, beautiful, down to earth ex-girlfriend turned close friend of Lucas and Terry (Dave Block) the moronic clown of the group that certainly ate paint chips as a kid and very likely still does. This group of misfits rally to try and help Lucas find what he has lost in a series of ill timed and ill planned events that seem to do more harm than good. The journey that Lucas embarks on is fraught with unexpected obstacles and spectacularly odd encounters that will certainly test his resolve. He begins to find hope and maybe even recapture his faith from the unlikeliest of people that cross his path, but is it enough to make his way back to the man he once was?
6.3 of 6