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All Saints 1998

All Saints

7.00 HDRip 1998 60 min
All Saints is an exciting drama series centred around a busy hospital, with an unusual spin on the highly successful genre of hospital drama. Because All Saints focuses on the lives of the people who carry most of the responsibility, the nurses manly, not the doctors, this show delivers stories from the frontline. The nursing staff in All Saints are closer to their patients than anyone else night and day. They are often forced to make crucial decisions, but don't have the power or authority of the doctors. From their point of view, we get to know the patients stories as well as those of the main characters, through the close relationships and bonds that develop when lives are on the line. The men and women on the nursing staff not only work hard, they play hard too. They're not always saints some days they are cranky, disillusioned, angry or frustrated. The strength and appeal of the series lies in its focus on a group of diverse characters who are instantly easy to relate to: we share their friendships and their relationships. Humour is crucial in such an intense environment, and the overall atmosphere of the series is warm and upbeat, with a strong feel-good factor. Interwoven with the frenetic pace and high-octane drama of life on a hospital ward are the more personal stories of a hugely compelling cast of characters who will be instantly engaging to viewers all over the world.
Country: Australia
Genre: Drama
Release: 2003-02-11
Director: Peter Fisk,Cath Roden,Jean-Pierre Mignon,Mark Piper,Scott Feeney,Bill Hughes,Scott Hartford-Davis,Robert Marchand,Di Drew,Geoffrey Cawthorn,Lynn-Maree Danzey,Robert Klenner,Catherine Millar,Lynn Hegarty,Cameron Welsh,Nicholas Bufalo,Geoffrey Nottage,Pino
9.7 of 7