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Batman Beyond 1999

Batman Beyond

8.10 HD 1999 23 min
Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) is in his fifties and has created the ultimate Batsuit, but is no longer fully able to do the job, so he puts the suit away and vows to never use it. Several years later, and into the next century, there's a new breed of criminal terrorizing Gotham City, but Bruce has kept his vow. Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle), a teenager whose father was killed because he was going to expose criminal activities at the company for which he works, which just happens to be Wayne Enterprises. Terry comes across Bruce as he was being beaten by some thugs, he takes him to the mansion and he discovers the Batcave and the Batsuit. He takes the suit to get the people who killed his father. Afterwards, Bruce decides to make him the new Batman and train him.
6.9 of 641