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Breathe: Into the Shadows 2020

Breathe: Into the Shadows

7.70 HD 2020 46 min
Avinash Sabharwal a well known psychiatrist who has helped Delhi police many a times in solving difficult cases with his theories. Avinash lives with his chef wife Aabha and six year old daughter Siya whose kidnapped by a masked men for months there is no trace of Siya and is termed to be killed by masked man, around the same time Gayatri a medical student also goes missing.After 9 months Avinash gets lead from masked man who tells him that if he wants to see Siya alive he must kill few people for him Avinash agrees in order to save Siya.Inspector Kabir Sawant who serving jail term for a wrong mission which left a civilian Meghna paralyzed completes his term and is transferred to Delhi with his assistant Kamble where he is assigned on the case of mysterious killings.
8.1 of 39