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Go! Live Your Way 2019

Go! Live Your Way

7.00 HD 2019 40 min
Mía Caceres is a talented dancer and musician. She is the lead singer of a band that she started alongside her lifelong best friend, Gaspar Fontan. However, she longs to perfect her talents so she auditions for a scholarship at Saint Mary's Academy, a school that is recognized for its elite dance workshop. After much discussion with her aunt, Isabel, she auditions, but does not get a scholarship. Mía and her aunt go home, where her aunt promises they'll find the perfect dance school for her in Spain, where her son lives. But what Mía doesn't know is that Isabel went to talk to Ramiro, Saint Mary's owner, about the injustice of Mía not receiving a scholarship. The scholarship is granted behind the principal, Mercedes's back by her husband, the owner. Mía has convinced her aunt, who is OK with the idea, Mía wants to adapt to the school and make new friends. However, Mía must face the daughter of the school owner - Lupe. Lupe is the most talented and popular student at the academy. For this reason, together with her new friends Zoe and Simon, Mía will try her best to take the spot from Lupe, the best talent of Saint Mary. This creates a strong rivalry between Mía and Lupe as well as Lupe's mom (the school principal). Mía likes Álvaro, Lupe's brother and the star player of the basketball team. Álvaro's main rival is Juanma, Lupe's stuck-up boyfriend. The show follows Mía's and the other characters' lives at the school, their conflicts, their love lives.
8.7 of 37