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Mirzapur 2018


8.40 HD 2018 60 min
Season :2 After the wedding shootout Lala has stooped business with Kaleen Bhaiya while Munna is recapturing with his injuries and hungry for the power to rule Mirzapur.While Jaunpur is controlled by Sharad son of Rati Shankar but Munna decides to take control on it as Sharad doesn't want violence and decides to join hands with Munna and rule jointly but main intention is to rule Mirzapur and destroy Tripathi's.Guddu who has lost everything fame,power ,family and now left crippled is gearing up to be back on his feet and with Golu decides to team up with Lala to prove his fear is still in world of crime ,Lala agrees as both need each other's help.Beena find she is pregnant but not with her husband Kaleen Bhaiya and plays smart games by leaking their information to Guddu and Golu in order to destroy the Tripathi's.
8.0 of 611