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Sacred Games 2018

Sacred Games

8.60 HD 2018 50 min
Inspector Sartaj Singh is always demotivated by his seniors by Parulkar and Majid he receives anonymous call from a criminal who tells him that the has 25 days to save Mumbai.Sartaj keeps the caller busy to track his location who revels him about his past and Sartaj's father upon searching the details given by the caller he finds that he is Ganesh Gaitonde a gangster who once operated in Mumbai and is missing since many years.Sartaj manages to track Gaitonde but before he could arrest him Gaitonde shoots himself this incident could lead many biggie sin trouble who were connected to Gaitonde secretly.Rather then appreciation Sartaj gets suspension but RAW officer Anjali Mahtur teams with Sartaj to find what is going to happen in Mumbai in coming days.
6.0 of 2369